Friday, August 31, 2007

"I made this!"

Luke is alway so proud to she me his work he does at daycare. Everyday when I pick him up he says "I made this!" He is getting much better with his coloring and staying in the lines. He has also been learning how to use scissors (not sure if this is a good thing), but anyway, he's learning to cut in a staight line. He always has to tell me the story behind his pictures, like, what it is, what color it is, what shape it is, and so on. As soon as we get home we have to hang it on the refridgerator...let's just say my refridgerator is packed with all of his artwork!
By the way, I chose this picture to post because Luke loves school buses. Right now to ride on a school bus would be a dream come true for him! I have got to find a bus for him to ride on soon!

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