Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back to Dance...

Tonight we started back to dance. This is Kaylyn's fouth year of dance and her second year of competition dance. The first night is alway hectic. Kaylyn has grown about a foot since the end of last year so we had to be fitted for new shoes, leotards, pants, and jacket (ching, ching, ching!!!) This is something every mom who has a little girl should experience at least once in their life! TOTAL CHAOS! It's okay though, we only have to do it once a year and it is so worth it in the end. Kaylyn has so much fun in dance, she says she "just loves to shake her booty!" She was so excited to see all of her dance buddies tonight. I heard that "excited little girl squeal" abouth 30 times in 15 minutes...something else every mom needs to experience at least once!
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oh........i don't think i need to experience the whole dance thing just yet!!! i think i'll stick to the boy stuff for awhile!!