Saturday, March 27, 2010

Play Ball!!!!

Today we had our first games of the season. We were playing bright and early at 9:00 this morning. It was FREEEZZZING and windy! We had two games and all the kids had the best time during both games. We won our first game in 3 innings and lost our second game in a nail-biter.
This was taken before the games started. I thought I might better get a good picture while the white pants were still white! He was so excited and ready to play!!

Down and ready!! He plays second base.

Waiting on the throw.

Smack that ball!!!

I love the look on his face
Run, Run, RUN!!!

Running to tag second base.

I have no idea...

Love this picture.

Get off my bag!!!

Luke played great today. In the first game he hit a triple, got two outs, and stopped 3 more balls that were hit his way. In the second game he hit two triples and a double, got one out and stopped 2 balls. He was exhausted after all that ball-playing!!

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