Friday, July 31, 2009

Party Time!!

Last night we had Luke's birthday party at my parent's house. Candace cooked some yummy chicken taco's and we had cake and ice cream. He chose a monster truck cake this year and couldn't wait to dig in to it.
Eating cake!

Checking out his birthday presents.
Apparently when your child turns 5 years old, they grow up over night....literally. Today Luke was tired and grouchy and pushing all kinds of buttons. Finally I had enough and made him take a nap. He wasn't too fond of this idea and decided he was going to fight the nap tooth and nail. After much arguing he went to his bed only to come out about 10 minutes later. He thought he would trick me into thinking he had been asleep (for the whole 10 minutes he was in there.) He thought of everything. He had messed up his hair and his bed. He walked in all squinty-eyed, trying to look like he had just woken up and said "I had a good nap." Little did he know, his sister has already tried all of those tricks!
Tomorrow we're off to Spring Valley Beach for some water park fun. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and we'll have a good day.

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