Saturday, July 11, 2009

No He Didn't!!

Yes he did! Notice the mack-truck-sized gap in the front of Luke's hair?? And the left side of his head??Yes, Luke decided he'd try to give himself a haircut last night. I walked in his room just in time to see him whacking away at his hair with a pair of Kaylyn's school scissors. I gasped "LUKE!! NOOooooooooo." But it was too late. The damage was done. I told him we would have to go get his hair cut off this morning. He cried. I cried. Julie, the beautician cried. All morning while we were waiting to go, Luke kept sobbing "I don't want my hair cut off." "I'm going to look funny." And my personal favorite "My head's gonna be cold." Maybe he's learned his lesson.
Here he is getting those beautiful curly locks cut. All of them. Falling to the floor. At first she thought she may be able to just give him a trim to blend it in. But as she started cutting, the left side was much shorter than she thought and there were straggly curls sticking out everywhere. As she gave me the look that said "I don't think this is going to work." I said "just do what you've got to do to make it look right."

The finished product. He doesn't even look like my little boy anymore. *sigh* We did manage to escape the dreaded buzz-cut, which I thought was our only option. Luckily his hair is thick enough to somewhat cover the gap in the front, we'll just have to keep getting it trimmed until it catches up. Oh well, it's only hair. Yes, I know it could be much worse. Yes, I know it will grow back. And yes, for those of you who are actually happy about this haircut (Ahem....Paul and Pop) it will grow back, hopefully soon!


Jenn said...

But he STILL looks precious!

Val said...

awww, they all do that I guess. Brook cut hers, and a lot but luckily you couldn't even tell, she wanted short hair like my mom, and when gage did it, I made him wear a day or two before I fixed the gap....his was like Luke'

Patrick and Melanie said...

your kids are adorable!! so you have a golden? did you by any chance crate train her as a puppy? its killing me! she cries ALL of the time! but she has only been here for 4 days so far - so its to be expected. We are working on the chewing thing - i hear it doesn't ever go away with these dogs! ive never had a golden before, but have only heard great things about them!