Monday, February 16, 2009

So, What Have We Been Up To?.....

Okay, first let me apologize for not posting anything remotely interesting for the past...oh, how long has it been...months? We have been so busy! The kids are doing great. Just going about their usual busy lives.

Kaylyn is finally getting back into the swing of school after her Christmas break. We tend to have a problem with that. After being out for nearly 3 weeks, it's hard for her to get back into the routine of school and homework, but we're finally getting back on schedule. She's still doing the dance thing every week and getting ready for our first competition the weekend of April 16 in Panama City. I'm excited about this one because it means a beach trip, YEAH! (Even though the majority of the trip will be spent doing the dance thing - hair, make-up, numerous costume changes.) Oh well, we'll still get one day of beach time. Her school beauty pageant is coming up this Saturday so she's excited about that. It's another one of those days that I'll be glad when it's over. So much time and work for approximately 90 seconds on stage. She had a good birthday, even though Chris had to leave to go back to Mobile unexpectedly on her birthday and had to miss her party. Speaking of her party, I have pics to post, but just haven't gotten around to it yet. I'll get them on here tomorrow. Our redecorating her room project should be finished this weekend and then the new furniture should be delivered next week, so I'll get some pics of that when we finally get it all together. Let's just say it's interesting!

Luke has just been hanging out and enjoying going to school. He's been quite the little pest lately. I hate to say that about my own child, but no one but a mother can be honest about their children. His new favorite hobby has become to aggravate anyone he's around, especially girls, mainly his sister. I hear "MaaaaaMAAAAA" at least 20 times a day from Kaylyn and it's usually Luke just being obnoxious. Seriously, I hear it in my sleep! I'm thinking of investing in a good pair of ear plugs! He's also at the "age of 10,000 questions", asking "why" about EVERYTHING or "what are you doing?" or my personal fav, "where are you?" when your in the same room he is in. Curiosity is a good thing, but I think it's just become habit for him lately and I'll be glad when this phase passes. He's also become a little charmer lately. His new saying is "Girls are pretty, boys are handsome. Mama, you are pretty and I am handsome," then he'll give me his sweet and innocent grin that he has perfected to get himself out of trouble. We signed up for T-ball this past weekend and will be starting all of that business soon. I can't wait! I love the T-ball age, they are so funny. I think he's going to have lots of fun playing ball. He's been talking about it for a while and he will be on his buddy Sam's team, so we should have big fun.

Like I said earlier, Chris is back in Mobile for a while after a short few weeks at home. Hopefully he won't be gone for too long this time. He's been told he should only be there for a week this time and shouldn't have to go back for long periods of time anymore. We've got our fingers crossed!

I've just been working and doing the school thing, along with keeping up with the kids. School is killing me this semester. I have 2 very busy classes this time which are not really hard, just time consuming. I'll be so glad when school is over...Come on Fall '09! Our Disney trip is quickly approaching, just over 3 months and counting. We are all super excited and ready for May 22 to get here.

Well, I guess that just about catches everyone up. Sorry this post is so long and all over the place. Lots of things to tell.

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