Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween Memories...

Halloween 2001 is MIA. Arrggghhh! I think if I remember correctly, that roll of film (before I went digital) was damaged when my camera met rain and went to camera heaven. Anyway, Kaylyn was 9 months old and the cutest little pumpkin.

Halloween 2002

Kaylyn was 20 months old. I was trying really hard to sway her in the right direction when it comes to the Alabama/Auburn debate, but unfortunately, I think her daddy has won that debate for now....I'm hoping it's just a phase!

Halloween 2003

Kaylyn was 2 1/2 years old. Wasn't she the cutest Ragedy Ann?

Halloween 2004

Luke's first Halloween. He was three months old and the most cuddly widdle wion!

Kaylyn was a blue carebear this Halloween, but those are some of those other pics that are MIA.

Halloween 2005. Luke was 15 months old. Notice he's wearing the same Big Al costume that Kaylyn wore in 2002. Kaylyn was 4 year's old and a Bama cheerleader. I was still winning the debate at this time.....(sniffle, sniffle)

Halloween 2006. Cowboys and Wild Indians! Kaylyn was 5 years old and Luke was 2 years old.

Halloween 2007. My themed Halloween costume days are over. Both kids now want to pick out their own costumes, and of course neither want to be anything like the other. Kaylyn was 6 years old and made the purrrfect cat. She played the part well. Luke was 3 years old and Superman. He said he wanted to be Superman, because he had a cape and could fly high.

Halloween 2008 - TBA

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