Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Good Job Kaylyn!!!!

Kaylyn got her first report card today, she made straight A's. We are so proud of her! Because she made straight A's, I gave her $5. When I asked her what she was going to buy with her money, she said she wanted to buy a new bird...is this not the saddest thing?! For those of you who are confused by this check out the post "Farewell Bama" from August 5 and you will understand.

I reluctantly told her we would go to the pet store on Thursday to get a new bird. I just couldn't tell her no. She swears she will take care of the bird, but we all know better! How many of you mothers with young children have gotten them pets with the promise of "I'll take care of it"...raise your hand. (raising my hand...) We all know how that always turns out! Oh well, I guess we'll be the proud owner of a new parakeet on Thursday!

P.S. I cropped our name and address off of the top of the report card for the obvious reasons.
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way to go kaylyn!! can't wait to see the parakeet:)!!

Chris & Aereal said...

awe congrats to your sweet little girl! I just wanted to let you know I FINALLY made a new post! Hope all is well :)

Jenn said...

Great job Kaylyn!!!! ....poor mommy!