Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Future Black Belt

Kaylyn has been begging for months now to take karate. We wouldn't let her start until we found out how school would go since this is the first year she has had to real homework and take real test. She has been doing great in school so we finally decided to take the plunge and let her start TawKwonDo. She was so cute doing all the kicks and punches. I think she looks adorable in her uniform. She has been so excited all week, it's all she's talked about. I even had to fight with her to get her to go to dance last night because she wanted to go to karate then. She told the instructor that she was going to be a black belt just like her mama and daddy one day!

P.S. I think my camera battery was about to die, so most of my pics turned out blurry. Sorry for the poor quality, but I'm going to post them anyway.
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The Covin's said...

She is one active little girl. It sounds like she is learning good time management between her karate, dance, and school. she is precious