Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Panama City Beach

This past weekend we took a little vacation to Panama City. Paul and Candace went with us. My cousin Josh also went with us. He is home on military leave for a few weeks, so he decided to spend some time with us on the coast. We had a great time. The kids loved it, this trip went much better than our last beach trip. On that trip, Luke cried for 5 solid days! No fun!! This time was a different story. We had to drag the kids off the beach everyday. The water was clear, the beach was beautiful, and the kids loved it. What more could you ask for...a few more days! Oh well, I guess I will just have to wait until September when the ER girls take our annual beach trip!

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Anonymous said...

A very nice family picture. I can't wait for the beach trip. Tricia