Monday, June 4, 2012

Washington, D.C. - Day 2

 May 9.
This was a day jam- packed full of events which started at 6:30 with breakfast at the hotel. We then loaded the bus and headed to our first stop, the Korean War Memorial.

 Next, we walked over to the Lincoln Monument

 Bella, Shalyan, and Kaylyn
 This scene may look familiar: Remember the scene from Forrest Gump with Jenny running across the reflecting pool?  Except the reflecting pool was under construction so it had been drained.  Bummer. :(

 Next it was over to the Vietnam War Memorial
This is the bronze statues of the soldiers outside the famous Vietnam Wall
  The Wall

 Next, we walked over to the Wold War II Memorial
 Alabama's pillar

 After we visited the World War II Memorial, it was time to head to the National Cathedral.  We drove through Embassy Row where we saw some impressive home from our international visitors.

 Next Stop: The National Cathedral - A Truly Magnificent Work of Architecture which took 83 years to complete.  This was my favorite place of all the places we visited on the trip.

 Part of the top which fell off during the earthquake
 Beautiful hand-chiseled details

 One of the gargoyles on the outside
 The Space Window: That "dot" in the center of the red circle is moon rock brought back by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong

 Another of the hundreds of stained glass windows

 The pulpit
 One of the famous Rose Window (they all had netting over them because of construction) The center of the window is actually 6 feet tall, but it looks about 6 inches tall!
 The High Alter

 Helen Keller's Tomb

 After visiting The National Cathedral, we were off to another humbling experience.  Our next stop: Arlington National Cemetery

 There are no words for the feelings you experience when you see rows upon rows of these headstones.

 Robert Kennedy's Grave

 John F. Kennedy's Grave
 The Eternal Flame

 The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

 The Changing of the Guard Ceremony


 The view from Robert E. Lee's front yard

 After our visit to Arlington, we headed to our next stop of the day: The National Archives Building to view the orignal Constitution, Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence.  There were no pictures allowed.

After visiting The National Archives, it was on to Fort Myers for the Twilight Tattoo Show.  The show had to be moved indoors due to rain.

 Colonial Drum Corps

 The Drill Team showing off their moved with their bayonets.  

 After the show, the soldiers were kind enough to pose for some photo-ops

 After the Twilight Tattoo Show we FINALLY headed to our last stop of the day: A ride on the subway.  Let me tell you: you have not lived until you have gotten 95 kid on and off of the subway! It's an experience to say the least!  We did it and we didn't lose anyone!

We FINALLY headed back to the hotel.  Exhausted, after a VERY long day!

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