Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Kaylyn!!

My Baby Girl turned 11 years old today! Can you believe it??? I can't! She is growing up way too fast and turning into a little lady right before my eyes.

This year she opted to not have a big slumber party (YEEEESSSSS!!) and have a family party at her favorite restaurant, Sumo's. We all had a fun time enjoying some Japanese Cuisine and she loved her party.

Kaylyn and Granny. Waiting on the show to start.

Kaylyn with Nana and Pop.

Chloe's getting to be a big girl too and will be getting a little brother or sister in September!

Do you see Chloe peeking out from behind Paul? That's where she stayed the entire night. The fire at the beginning completely freaked her out and she would NOT rejoin us at the table, even after the chef was finished cooking and had left us. We told her he was gone and there would be no fire and she said, "I'll eat when I get home."

Kaylyn's cake. What can I say? She's MY child. Of course she chose and Alabama Football cake! Roll Tide!!

They sang her the Japanese Birthday Song and the cake finally lured Chloe from her safe place.

Enjoying her birthday song.

That's a wrap. Happy Birthday Baby Girl! Please slow down just a little bit!

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Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Kaylyn!!!!