Monday, November 7, 2011

Ground Breaking Ceremony For Our New Church!

As most of you know our church was destroyed during the April 27th tornadoes. After 6 months of planning the design and sorting finances, we had the ground breaking ceremony for the new church building. The day was a very emotional day for the entire congregation. The theme of the ceremony was the future building on the past: Upon this hill, God's vision to fulfill. I can't wait to see this new church building become a reality. I know it will be beautiful!
Kaylyn stopping to pose before the ceremony

Chloe and Luke playing in the dirt. Why is this significant you may ask? You see the scrap wood they are playing with? That's leftover wood from the old building. I realize it's just scrap, half rotten wood, but it's a part of the building, which was so much a part of my childhood and adulthood.

Pastor Ryan, the architect, the contractor, and the chairman of the building committee turning the first ground.

Notice the buildings in the background. Those are the buildings of mainstreet, which are FINALLY slated to be demolished. The last physical reminder of that dreadful day. Now to just rebuild on all this bare ground around here!

The next group to turn the ground consisted of the elders of the church and the youth of the church. Luke was chosen as one of the youth. I hope he will always remember he was one of the one's to use the "golden shovel," as he called it and realize the significance of that event. At 7 years old, he was just thrilled to get to play with the "golden shovel." I hope when he is a grown man, and the church building is celebrating it's 20th anniversary he can remember he was a part of it's beginning.

And here's a sketch of the future Long Memorial United Methodist Church.

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