Saturday, April 23, 2011

Dance Magic Competition

Saturday afternoon was dance time. After all it WAS the reason for the trip. We lucked out this year and didn't dance until 2:00 and all of our school's dances were back-to-back.
All Night Long: This song got a gold ranking, although I thought they danced very well, and in my opinion, this was their best song.

Hold on to your hat!!! Still dealing with those pesky hurricane strength winds, which were worse than the day before. Her hat almost met it's untimely demise in the lagoon behind her! Luckily it was caught by a palm tree!

Working Day And Night: This song also received a Gold ranking.

The Spirit of '45: This song received and Elite Gold ranking and 2nd overall. They also won "Most Entertaining Dance of the Day."

Overall a very good weekend!

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