Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Suppose....'s time for an update.

Nothing really exciting happening around the Chilton household in the past few weeks, hence, the lack of blogging activity.

The school year is off to a great start. Both kids are doing really well. Kaylyn is loving 4th grade and she likes the fact that she gets to change classes. I guess moving from room to room makes the day go by faster. I really wish I could slow down this growing up process though. I guess my baby girl would now be considered a "pre-teen," judging by her recent activities. She is still obsessed with talking on the phone and asks at least once a day when she will be old enough for a cell phone of her own....I tell her it's NOT happening for quite some time! She is also hanging out with one friend or another almost every weekend and always has something planned. Another new thing is her clothes. Darling Daughter has decided she needs to pick her own clothes and "never has ANYTHING to wear!" Dance started back a few weeks ago. I can't believe this is year 7 for her. She's loving it, as always and is very excited about the upcoming competition season in the Spring. Looks like we're heading down to PCB again this year.

Luke is doing much better with Kindergarten this year. His behavior is much improved and he is excited about learning to read. He has been bringing home his reader books every night and reading them with very little help from us. So far we've made though nearly a month with no discipline issues. He told me he doesn't get in trouble any more. I hope the remainder of the school year goes as well as the beginning!

Chris is feeling much better and is fully recovered from his bout with the good ol' meningitis. He's back at work and back to his old self again.

As for me...just work and keeping up with the kids. Nothing new there.

I guess that sums up the past few weeks around the Chilton house: school, work, dance, homework, school, work, dance, homework, school, work, dance, homework.....

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