Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day...FINALLY!!

The Weather Man finally got it right! We got around 2 inches of snow Friday, which was plenty for the kids to play in, and was gone by mid-morning on Saturday....just the way I like it! The following two pictures were taken when the snow had just started.
This little girl got snow on her birthday! However, she wasn't too happy about it. She had a slumber party planned for Friday night and we thought we may need to reschedule the party due to the snow. In the end we did get to have the party, but she was so unhappy about the snow all day! She only played in it for a little while and then locked herself in her room and refused to come out to play. I think she thought if she gave the snow the "cold shoulder" it would go away! No such luck!

This guy had himself a good 'ol time! After I finally got him bundled up, (he hates wearing his coveralls for some reason) he played in the snow for hours! He didn't care how cold or wet he got. He just kept playing until he was completely worn out.

This picture was taken about 2 hours after the snow had started coming down.

I think he was still crying over having to wear his coveralls in this picture.

The fuss didn't last long!

One of the very few minutes playing in the snow.

Pouting about the snow.

Making snowballs.

Gathering snow for snowcream.

I had to leave to go pick up Kaylyn's birthday cake. This was a picture of my drive. BTW, Walmart was crazy that day. I'm talking worse than Christmas shopping! I was lucky to make it out of the place in one piece!
The beginnings of a snowman or one very large snowball! He decided to give up on the snowman after a little while.

About to plaster Mama with a snowball!

One happy little man and one pouty little girl! She did get happier once the snow stopped and we knew we would be able to have her slumber party that night, but she really wasn't too impressed with the snow. She said she didn't like being cold and wet! Can't say I blame her!

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