Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Her Newest Obsession

So, Darling Daughter has now discovered what every tween girl discovers at some point.....talking on the phone. When I say she has discovered talking on the phone, I mean she has become completely OBSESSED with it! We're talking full force, all out, hours upon hours, little girl gossip sessions. Seriously, she goes straight to the phone when she gets home, well she attempts to do so phone until homework is finished. With that being said, she runs (literally) in the door, finishes homework with lightening speed, and starts speed dialing. Then comes guessed it! She chokes down her dinner, rushes through a shower, then back to the phone. My 8 year old has suddenly turned into a 13 year old girl right before my eyes! I know she's got to grow up some time, but does she have to do it so fast???

Oh! I almost forgot to add her Christmas request to this post.....a CELL PHONE! I hate to break it to her, but there is NO WAY she's getting a cell phone for Christmas! I told her Santa had a minimum age limit on those!

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Jenn said...

Next, I would like to know what eight-year-olds have to talk about for hours on end! Jobs, mortgages, husbands, kids, where they're meeting up for drinks after work...what????