Thursday, October 1, 2009

Good Job Kids!

Wow! It's been a LONG time since I've updated! I have no excuses.....

Anyway, on to the point of this post....

Both kids got their first report cards for the year last week. Kaylyn made straight A's and Luke had mostly S's (satisfactory), with a few P's (progressing), and one N (needs improvement). Kaylyn is so proud of herself. She works hard in school and we usually have no problem getting homework done in the evenings. Luke's areas which are progressing were: talking, paying attention, staying in his seat, and following directions. The one N he received was number recognition. These are all areas I knew he would have some trouble with. He's still getting into some trouble in school for not wanting to do his work in class, but he hasn't pinched anyone lately or stolen any fruit roll-ups! One thing has become more evident to me since school started...Luke will most likely go to Kindergarten again next year. It's a maturity thing. Luke can learn what he needs to know to go to first grade but he is a "young" Kindergartner since his birthday is the week before school starts and he's barely 5 years old. There are several kids in his class who have already turned 6 and this makes a big difference in elementary school. I think he would struggle through school in every grade if we don't let him repeat Kindergarten.

Kaylyn is loving her dance classes this year, even though the competition teams have stepped it up a notch! This year she has 3 hour classes instead of2 hours and there will be 3-4 competitions. During competition season she will have 2 3 hours classes per week. She wants to do a solo this year at the recital....we'll see....

Chloe is still progressing more and more everyday. She's learning new words and her babbling is mixed with words. She understands just about everything that is said to her and is following directions. She has also developed some major 2 year old attitude! Everything has to be done HER way! The wrath of her 2 year old temper will befall anyone who thinks differently!

I am trudging through my LAST semester and have a major case of "senioritis." I never thought I would have senioritis at the age of 31 years old, but I do! I'm just ready for December 10th to hurry up and get here so all of this will be OVER!

Chris is still in and out of Mobile. The job there is supposed to be finished by the end of November. Hopefully that will happen, but there will be other traveling jobs to come. Who knows where...Oh well, he has a job and we are thankful!

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