Friday, January 30, 2009

One Month Post-Activation

Yay! Something other than Way Back When-esday!
Chloe came to stay with me today and I got a chance to get some video of her after her Cochlear Implant activation. She is doing so much better now that she has gotten used to wearing the processors and coils, and of course the fact that she's learned that she can hear with them on. She was a good girl today and didn't try to take them off one time! The only time she bothers them now is when she's riding in the car. I guess she thinks she can sneak them off and use them as chew toys. FYI, processors are not condusive to baby slabber! Anyway, they have to be taken off when she's in the car for now. This morning after I picked her up, we needed to stop by the store to pick up a few things. Of course anytime we're out, Chloe smiles and waves, so people stop to talk to her. This morning a man started talking to Chloe, she's staring at him and he just keeps talking, finally she pointed to her ear and shook her head "no." (She didn't have her equipment on yet.) In one month, she's already learned that when someone's mouth is moving, that means they're talking, and she knew she couldn't hear them. I thought that was pretty amazing! She's still going to her mapping sessions, and new frequencies and sounds are being activated and adjusted. December 31 was her "hearing birthday" meaning as of that day, she was at the hearing level of a newborn. Now, I guess she's at the "cooing" stage and she's discovering that she's the one making that noise. Anyway, enough of my rambling, here are the videos I shot this morning. Keep in mind, this is a child who, with the exception of a few whines and cries, was completely SILENT one month ago.... P.S. I have no idea why she kept making the "billy goat" sounds!

And now, here's a taste of her temper.....


Jenn said...

That's the cutest billy goat I have ever seen in my life!!!

She is amazing and doing so well!

Thank you for sharing!

Misi said...

Aw, sweet!!

Val said...

I'm playing catch up, how great is this? She's blowing raspberries, which is great! And imitating! THis is great!