Saturday, September 29, 2007

Update on Emma

I talked to Billy this morning and he said Emma is doing great. They got the results of the spinal tap and they were negative (Yeah!) and they are still waiting on the results of her other bloodwork. He doesn't know what kind of labs are pending, he just knows they took a ton of blood from her. But the spinal tap being negative is a big plus.

Mandy is still running fever, so she won't be discharged today. Her hematocrit was getting lower and lower, so they were planning on giving her blood today if it didn't improve. This morning when they drew her labs, her hematocrit had improved, so they will see if it continues to climb before they transfuse her. She will be able to be discharged when she no longer is febrile and her crit is high enough for her to go home. She's not too upset about having to stay since Emma has to stay. She is healing well from her C-Section and is having less pain day by day. So for now, they are just waiting.

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